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Tailored Wool Coat

Hand tailored floor length wool coat. The pattern is an original design. Hand drafted pattern to fit model and draped over several fittings.

Custom Wedding Dress

Constructed with internal corset and bodice. White satin flare bottom with hand embroidered crystal and feather appliqué on shoulder

Hand Sewing

Sewing in the final zipper on wedding gown with backing.

Deitch Art Parade Dance Costumes

Sewing: gloves, corset, pants, leggings, and bodice of both costumes. Concept design by artist: Muffinhead

Runway Non Textile Fabrication

Multicolored pinwheels are manipulated and constructed into a garment by hand

Runway Wedding Dress

Pattern designed for runway show. Original concept sketch and sewing

Velvet Leopard Dress

Draped dress design for client. Photographed on Long Island, NY

Runway Lingerie

Concept drawing and creation of original pattern for sewing. Fabric sourcing and construction of garment.

Singing Performance Costume

Performer: Shien Lee. Pattern making and construction of gloves, 1 piece bodice jumpsuit

Clown Costume for Stage Performance

Worn by Eric Schmalenberger in the production of The Tragedy of Maria Macabre

1890s Costume for Runway

Design of pattern and sewing for runway presentation

Swim Suit

Prototype design for a competitive swim team competition garment

Competition Swimsuit

RadiciGroup swimsuit design competition entry photo

Sport top Batch Production

Original pattern for spandex and mesh sleeveless top. Produced prototype sample and bought materials to be sewn and assembled in New York.

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